Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Boxing class has been enjoyable and frustrating -- especially when holding the mitts and trying to figure out where to place them for the boxer.

But even when I'm the boxer, trying to remember which leg to lead with etc. gets confusing. Like you would think a jab, cross, low hook, high hook and jab are simple to remember but... If you're lucky enough, you eventually get on the same page with your sparring partner.

I like the way Mike explains combinations. We were working on kicks -- a front, side, back and crescent. Think of it as right, left, right, left which made it all fall into place for me so that by the time I got to the crescent kick, I was squared away with my sparring partner as I should have been.

Mike also reminds me to keep my hands up. Duh! He lets me know how much better one's balance is when the hands are up while kicking and it is so much better.

Dawn, the main teacher, tells us that for our final class in the session, we will spar. She warns us that it will be intense and that if we can't kick high, we won't be allowed to kick since there will be no padding high up on the jackets we'll be wearing. She also encourages us not to skip class because of the sparring.

I will approach "the final exam" as I do most things these days. I'll feel the fear and, well, you know the rest...

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