Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Joy of Being Weird With People

Found myself looking forward to Zumba...Experienced my third instructor; all of them have been super enthusiastic and cool. Laura's routines seemed more complicated but as she said at the beginning of class, You're not at the Muny. No one's paying to watch you dance...The only rule of Zumba have fun.

Even though my hips and right IT band promised revenge, I stayed in class. Didn't really dig the Thrift Store routine but one weird routine out of 10+ is not a bad ratio at all...

I thoroughly enjoyed dancing to Big and Chunky. Moves that I liked -- the bootie rubber or the shake and bake. Speaking of booties, I got mine completely kicked today.

Laura wanted us to make a sound at a particular point in a song. Don't make me do it by myself and look weird she said. Reminds me of a poster that I saw recently: I love people I can be weird with.



  1. LOL! I think that is my favorite part of marriage: having someone I can be weird with and he can't get away, easily.

  2. gingerzingi,

    I bet that's the secret to some long-lasting relationships -- the inability to get away easily. ;)