Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Yoga Date and The Reset Button

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Last week turned out to be a sustainable  one. Instead of boxing and yoga, I went to boxing. Instead of climbing and swimming, I went climbing and instead of Zumba and yoga, I went to Zumba. As a result, I only practiced yoga once so I was more than ready to get back on my mat.

And the cherry on top of practicing yoga again: Cindy accompanied me to Gloria's class.

Gloria started off by reading a poem. Don't remember the name of the book but a line that I do remember and like is that yoga is not a command performance.

Certain things make me chuckle in yoga class -- like Gloria saying chin to shin in an asana or that downward facing dog is a resting position. I almost guffawed on that one and I'm pretty sure that I snorted. Next thing I heard was Gloria saying that some people call it damn dog. Hello! Although, I did enjoy shaking my leg as if water were on it while in one-legged downward facing dog...

As we took a breath, raised our arms, placed our hands together and came down the center line until our hands rested at our hearts, Gloria said that it was like hitting a reset button in between the sun salutations. For me, yoga is one big reset button.

During savasana, which Gloria likes to super-size, she encouraged us to commit to being still and we did.

After yoga, Cindy and I went to a coffee shop to eat a well-earned lunch since Gloria, in the words of that Roberta Flack song, kills you softly.

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