Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plan KB

Went to swim last night and did not see a single car near the pool house. The sign on the door said Closed until further notice. I was bummed and without a Plan B. Fast forward to today -- Plan KB or kettlebell.

Tiffany and I had Marisa's undivided attention and she started us off with rounds of double kettlebell squat thrusters, burpees, two-hand swings with a sizable kettlebell then pull-ups (assisted and on TRX).

After my second set of squat thrusters, I could not deal with burpees and Marisa saw it in my face so she told me to do push-ups and squat jumps. By the time I got to my third set of squat thrusters, the thrill was gone.

It was a lower body intensive workout with so many squats and lunges that I lost count. Can't remember the last time that my quadriceps were so sore. I'm hoping that the Epsom salt and eucalyptus will suss the soreness out.


  1. hmmm my quads and glutes need that.

  2. The soreness in the glutes arrived later...

    Hope that you got what YOU needed. ;)

  3. Sorry about your pool! I'm looking to finally get back into exercise (wel,, more than occasionally) since Squeaker was born and a kettlebell would be awesome right about now.

  4. Thanks for sympathizing with my pool situation...

    I bet that you're getting strength training by lifting Squeaker. :)