Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Ropes Won

Wanted subdued lighting, new age music and asanas that would befit an 8:00 p.m. class on Monday but I got a Pilates-loving sub, bright lights and Shakira.

Went climbing yesterday and, I swear, there's only one route in the whole gym that I could relate to -- it was challenging but didn't feel impossible. Seriously, I want to talk to the route setters.

Got an email from Marisa yesterday and I knew it was either a cancellation or shifting of days but she just needed to adjust the start time by 15 minutes. So much for doing something different.

We had a back to basics kind of class with hand-to-hand swings and whatnot. The sequence of the night was a high

Marisa asked me if I wanted to work the battle ropes while the others did pull-up work. I could barely lift those ropes and wondered what possessed me to say yes. After I did waves, alternating waves and snakes, I joined the others. Jessica tried to downplay her pull-ups since she did them underhanded but I didn't see anyone else rocking the pull-ups minus the body-bands. We called Jessica Crazy Lats and Bowls for the rest of the workout. Maybe she won't be so modest about the pull-ups next time.

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