Monday, October 28, 2013


Headed out for a bike ride yesterday and was deceived by the brilliance of the sun. I turned back around and thought about aborting the bike ride but decided that I was tougher than chilly weather.

Went through my clothes hamper to pull out another long-sleeve shirt and headed back out.

You've heard the joke, right? If you leave clothes in the hamper long enough, they become clean again. Yeah, that's me -- no spare time for washing clothes.

For my pit stop at the park, I took an old Prevention magazine (July 2013) which had a nice article about bicycling. I loved the story of Jodya Ruston -- an overweight smoker with diabetes. Her trainer convinced her to take up cycling. Later on Ruston called her trainer Selene Yeager to say:
I rode the entire length of Long Beach Island. I rode for hours. I saw the ocean and felt the salt air and sun and breeze. It was like nothing else. Nothing feels as free as cycling...
The whole article, written by Yeager, was inspirational. My bike ride was short but I'd like to do longer rides in the spring but please don't tell Patti until I've had a chance to train.

I ended up being on part of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon route and saw boxes on a lawn. At first, I thought the boxes were a part of a Halloween display and then realized that the messages were intended for the marathon participants. Even though I didn't participate in the race, the message boxes made me smile and so thanks to the cheerleader who left the positivity for the walkers, runners and other people who passed by.


  1. I love biking too. There is such a simple pleasure in it. I bought an old school schwinn which I never ride....I really need to get on it more...

  2. I hope that we fulfill our goal of riding more often...