Wednesday, January 22, 2014

66 Days

Got home from work, chilled out for a bit then put my exercise gear on. I wanted to do P90X's Kenpo again but I also want to keep my workout routine fresh so I chose Personal Training with Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training.

At one point, Jackie Warner says I would never ask you to do something that you couldn't do which reminds me of when people say God never gives you more than you can handle.

I said Okay, Jackie and modified when necessary, exchanged weights when necessary and made it through the workout.

As I soaked last night, I read through Shape magazine. It had a lot of good tidbits including The Goal: Workout for 66 days straight.
Think three weeks is the magic number for locking in a habit? You probably need three times that, according to a study in the European Journal of Psychology. When researchers tracked people who were working to establish a new behavior -- such as jogging daily -- they discovered that the practice went on auto-pilot after an average of 66 days. If it sounds like a lot of work, consider this: An exercise streak may actually be less taxing (for your brain, at least) than trying to fit in sporadic sessions... (154 November 2013)
I'm pretty sure that the lock in factor is one of the reasons I'm on automatic with working out...

Went to Gloria's yoga class and it was sardine packed. This young dude next to me fidgeted almost the entire time and had a totally weird breathing pattern going on. I tried to use the fidgeting as an opportunity to go deeper inside which kind of worked.

This woman came up to me after class and said that she has such a hard time meditating and concentrating. Tell me about it.

Also tried to zone in on Gloria's theme for the night -- steady and joyful...

I just started watching An Idiot Abroad. Funniest line from the "idiot" so far: It's not the Great Wall of China. It's an all right wall.


  1. I remembered the jumpy P90X I liked: Pliometrics. Mine is pretty old; they might have different workouts now.

  2. Also I put An Idiot Abroad on my queue. Have you watched any of the Ewan McGregor travel shows - Long Way Round, Long Way Down? They're pretty entertaining. Not comedic, but definitely some light moments.

  3. Thanks for the name of the jumpy workout.

    I have not watched McGregor's show but just put it in my queue. Don't know if I would have ever found that series on my own...