Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not Smart

What A Difference A Week Makes
Arrived at the hospital and all my devices started going off.

A friend of the family had stopped by to see my aunt and she couldn't find my aunt or her nurse. My, usually, unshakable cousin was shaken.

I thought they were going to tell me that L was dead and I would be the only one hear to receive the news but I came anyway.

I just got a cell phone for my birthday. Not a smart one -- a gift --- that I pay $10 a month. I hardly keep it on because I'm on the phone so much at work and the last thing that I want to hear is ringing.

I would not have had my phone on anyway because I had been in yoga class but realized that what I could do was give my cousin a better idea of my routine.

Last time I visited my friend in New Jersey, I also visited another one in New York. NJ friend wanted me to call her when I arrived in New York. Soon as I find a pay phone, I told her. Bottom line. NJ friend told me. Oh, you can get in touch with people but no one can get in touch with you.

I realized yesterday that I need to, at least, try to keep the phone on.


How can I tell that I'm sick? I've lost about three pounds. How does that happen so fast when you're sick? Loss of appetite for sure but unfair...

Went for a walk because I thought that the sun might do be some good. Trying to avoid snow-covered steps, I slid in the slick grass, almost did a split and came down on my "fragile" knee. It was kind of ironic because Gloria had us do hanumanasana in class or, as I like to call it, splitsville.

P.S. According to the Survival Doctor, see below for why your nose runs when you have a cold.
When a head cold invades, The Defensive Protector ramps things up a notch or 10. And an increase in mucus brings with it an increase in antiseptic enzymes and immunoglobulins (antibodies). The fighter-filled fluid washes out some of the germs.

Although, what I have didn't really feel like just a cold early in the a.m. when I woke up with little puddles of sweat on my body...


  1. Sorry to hear you've got It too, and I hope you have a faster recovery than I am.

    And sending prayers for your aunt.