Friday, January 24, 2014

A Different Day

I think the whole muscle confusion thing is working. After doing Jackie Warner's Xtreme Time Saver workout, I woke up on Thursday with a wicked charley horse in my calf. I tried to simultaneously not move and to reach back and massage my calf. Um, yeah, ouch.

Kind of ironic because my mother, who takes water aerobics, asked if I ever get sore. Guess I don't say much about being sore but, for as much as I exercise, I'm actually not sore a lot which I attribute to my yoga practice and the practice of soaking in about four cups of Epsom salt -- not daily but often.

I did P90X's Kenpo again and my muscles didn't seem to remember the moves from earlier in the week. I struggled but have to remember that a different days brings different energy.  

Last night, I would have paid (extra) for someone to massage my calves. They were so tight that I wanted to deflate them. I got out Cathe's Stretch Max and decided to do the segment with a resistance band and wondered, as I hog-tied myself, Who thinks up this stuff? The combo of stretching and salt bath worked because I was in better shape this morning. So, yeah, thanks to all of you who think of that stuff...

My coworker shared this Buzz Feed about work. Nice to know that the work experience is a universal one. In disbelief that this work week was a short one because it felt exceptionally long.


  1. That video was hilarious - every thing about it was so true!

    I had one temporary job where everyone sat at a long table like that, and it was AWFUL. You have no place to hang your coat, not even a drawer for your stuff... I know there are worse situations—coal mining comes to mind—but it seems unnecessarily dehumanizing.

  2. Yeah, the long table is just a recipe for disaster -- with no shield or respite. It's hard enough to share tight space with one or two...

  3. There's also a video going around about Conference Call in Real Life, or something like that - you can probably find it. It's HILARIOUS. Dead accurate.

  4. I love it when the one guy says "I was on mute."