Saturday, January 4, 2014


Bread Shelves at TJ's Last Night
Turned down an invitation by Jessica to climb yesterday. I told her that the only thing I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position.

Got an email from Patti who wanted to rendezvous at the climbing gym. What she really wanted was to avoid cleaning and walking outside. Then Patti got cheesy. I haven't seen you since last year, she wrote. I didn't particularly feel like working out at home so I went and, bonus, Jessica a.k.a. The Patient Climber was there...

Intended to go to yoga around 5 but, apparently, I have become the Queen of Naps or maybe climbing just kicked my ass or maybe I'd had my fill of yoga since I went to a class that I don't usually go to on Thursday.

After resting, I checked into Twitter. Some pretty funny stuff about the weather advisory. Someone tweeted that St. Louis will be canceled tomorrow. Also saw the hashtag #snOMGstl and someone who is hoping that it will just be #SnowMeh.

It was so balmy today it's hard to believe that the hammer is going to come down.

What kind of staples do you get when preparing to hunker down?


  1. Tuna, sardines, jerky, chocolate. Foodstuffs I like and that do not need refrigeration.

  2. I get wine. I've never understood that bread and milk thing.

    However, I do have a "hurricane box" with supplies for a few days, and it includes canned food like tuna and soup, fruit cocktail, cat food (for Ingvor, not for me), spam, etc. Not necessarily food I would choose in my normal life (too salty) but things I can put in that box and know they'll be good for a year. Also candles and matches, a camp stove, bottled water, batteries, blah blah. I renew it every year in June.

    I hope you have #snowMEH and not #stlapocalypse!

  3. @Mich,

    I bought fish and already had chocolate but had the electricity gone out, my tilapia would not have done me any good but I have enough almond butter to hold out for a while.


    I will say that I grabbed almond milk. Wanted to make sure that I had enough for the dinner that I planned to cook and for any smoothies.

    You are very smart about refreshing your "hurricane box." I need to do better about emergency preparedness.

    By the way, it was definitely not #snowMEH.