Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shifts Happen

Do you hate me? Gloria teasingly asked after savasana.

No, never. Okay, maybe a few hostile thoughts flitted through my mind during all that flowing and fallen warrior but I had just experienced one of the best savasanas ever and any displeasure that I felt was a thing of the past...

I realized the appropriate adjective for my hips during that class -- shifty. They shift a lot in high lunge and Warrior I.

Speaking of shifts, the transition from Warrior I to Warrior II moves me every time.

Actually, I love this sequence: Warrior I...Warrior II...Reverse Warrior...Triangle.

I can really settle down and make a home in triangle...

Until the yoga newbie next to me asked if the same teacher would be present, I had forgotten about the whole January thing -- the tours and the swell in class size. Gloria's classes are usually crowded but it was supersized yesterday.

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