Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Don't Understand Exercise...Or Stuff People Say to Me

  • I took your yoga magazine home...Anything I can do to keep running.

    Ariel, one of my coworkers. Yoga Journal lives at work once I've finished reading it. Although, I didn't tell Ariel that I had brought a journal to work.

  • Me: How much is 25 grams (re: Milka Almond Cake)?*

    Rabija: Who knows?!

  • It's almost like you meditate in the pose.

    Nikolay, a yoga instructor during a conversation about, well, yoga.

  • I don't understand exercise that involves carrying things.

    Ariel after telling me that her father had given her an electric bike.

  • I was a flaunter.

    Kim about her behavior when she weighed less.

  • I weigh 76 kilograms.

    The 'Fugee

  • I walked and did -- what do you call that?

    The 'Fugee about walking and squats...

  • I'm on the Pinterest.


  • I'm trying to walk around like this bag is not conspicuous.


  • The Handles of Alison's Mega Bag

  • You were round, my friend.

    Sarah's assessment after looking at old pictures of us...

  • Do you know where the chia seeds are at? Dr. Oz has me shopping again.

    Unknown shopper

  • *How I stared down that Milka that Rabija brought back from Holland.

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