Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peace in Sphinx

No Excuses
Having a lot of workout DVDs is like having cable -- so much on but nothing to watch. At least that's the way that I remember it because I haven't had cable in years.

Patti gave me P90X's Cardio X which I did a long time ago. The only thing I remembered was the kicking legs over a bar stool segment. Definitely didn't remember the dreya roll which I couldn't execute.

After doing Cardio X, headed to Gloria's yoga class. There were about 20 people in line when I arrived and the crowd only got bigger. I headed for the front of the class because I knew that there would be a logjam in the back and middle but I ended up being too close to the mirror for my taste.

I was worn out after the warriors and sun salutations but found such relaxation and peace in sphinx -- pretty sure that it was the cumulative effect of all the poses but I noticed the peace in sphinx.

I like how Yoga Journal refers to sphinx as the infant of backbends.


  1. I sort of didn't understand that video - I kept waiting for the punchline, like he was going to knock over the television, or the adorable little dog was going to mess him up somehow. Then it finally clicked about the name. That's right, Dreya is one of the "characters" in the P90X series.

    I have a lot of workout DVDs but rarely use them, because I'm always tempted to get a dance workout and then horribly disappointed when I can't even get through the first routine. Why is my brain so unable to cope with dance steps? I stick to my tried-and-true stuff like Gilad and Cathe.

  2. I want there to be a dance workout out there for you... :)

    Those DVDs, thankfully, talk to me. Otherwise, they might stay on the shelf.