Monday, January 6, 2014


New-ish Car Battery Reluctant...
Glad that I went climbing on Saturday. Otherwise, I would have been climbing the walls in my house on Sunday. I got a lot done, though, and enjoyed the hush.

I exercised and cooked. Made a veggie quiche then sauteed the rest of the mushrooms with garlic and a mild pepper so that those mushrooms wouldn't wither in the fringe like they usually do.

I cleaned the fish tank, took care of the hamper overflow and added Aretha songs to my iPod.

Forgot, repeatedly, that it was Sunday.

Did yoga and thirty minutes on the Wii.


Stepped outside to try to take a picture of the skiers or, rather, people making their way down the street with skis.

Watched reality television -- two shows that I'd never thought I'd stick with: Long Island Medium and My Cat From Hell*. Also started watching Dual Survivor.

Is it my imagination or does Netflix have less streaming material?

The person who joked on Twitter that St. Louis would be canceled had it right. The city is closed today. My workplace, however, is not. We're open for half a day with the option to use a vacation unit.

Guess what my main workout was this morning?

Super sexy thermal underwear to prepare.

Shoveling Burns Approx 420 Calories Per Hour :)
What's your favorite thing to do when you, unexpectedly, have extra time?

*I've never lived with a cat unless you count the time I stayed with N.Y. friend...


  1. I love it when THE ENTIRE CITY is shut down, even the mayor is saying "stay home" and your job is like "well, we expect you to work half a day."

    Hope you stay warm and safe. I started watching one episode of Cats from Hell and didn't get into it. My cats have been little angels (sort of...), so it didn't resonate with me. I'm watching The Bletchley Circle, which is pretty good. Just finished Hit & Miss - it has some flaws, but really grew on me. Hope there's another season.

  2. Uh-huh...The roads claimed a young life yesterday and were still pretty iffy today.

    Glad that you've had little angels. I'm sure that you and the environment you've created have a lot to do with it.

    Thanks for the recs. I will definitely check them out.