Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Requiem for Kettlebell Class

I have been out of sorts and crabby as hell. I've probably dropped more curse words in the last couple days than I did during 2013.

Took myself to Gloria's p.m. class and Mike asked for a post-shoveling yoga class. More please.

It was an amazing class and I realized, again, that I have an affinity for gentle yoga. I kept thinking in interjections.

Un hunh...


Toward the end of class, the music stopped. The flutey, bell-ringing music was nice but I thoroughly enjoyed the silence.

Wednesday is usually kettlebell day but I will not be going to kettlebell class anymore.

Marisa sent an email with new policies (use it in four weeks or lose it) and a price raise. Her prices were already right at my comfort zone. The increase, though small, made me realize how much money I had spent in addition to my expenses for other activities and memberships. If I did kettlebell more than once a week, the price structure would make more sense but since I don't...

It's hard to say goodbye. I liked Marisa the first day that I met her and I'll miss my fellow swingers: Crazy Lats, Julia, Paige and Princess T.

There's a part of me that thinks that if I am left to my own devices, I'm going to drop the ball and screw up and become lackadaisical but it's always been up to me --whether I'm at the pool or on my bicycle; it's on me to be responsible for my fitness.

Now, I just need to retrieve my kettlebell.

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