Monday, January 20, 2014

We Call That DNA Removal

Kenpo has been staring at me from the top of its bar stool perch.

I put Kenpo in the player once and decided to change directions. Same thing today. I started off with another DVD but ended up with Kenpo. I'm trying to make sure that I don't rely on the same DVDs since I'm working out at home more.

I've dabbled in P90X workouts but I've never done them consistently and thought that Kenpo was going to leave me uneven with mostly an upper body workout but I was wrong and I had fun. Well, except for the start when I was annoyed by the prolonged stretching. When I'm ready for cardio, I'm ready and want to strike before I lose the desire to bounce around.

Tony Horton seems to cover all the bases -- all the ones that I know about anyway from jab/cross to claw/hammer combinations.

I like the directional kicks (front, side, back) and the block/punch combos.

The star blocks felt kind of odd to me but I pretty much dug everything else including the elbow series (up, down and across). I found the back knuckle with front and back kicks pretty funny.

Even funnier is when Horton points to his female cohort to emphasize how her shirt went from light green to dark green. We don't need any spray bottles; we call that DNA removal...

When I told my Aunt Al that I had gotten TKO'd by one Benadryl, she gave me a look. I usually take two and it doesn't do anything to me, she said. She then told me that my cousin takes more than two. I need to talk to my cousin.

My Aunt Al's dog, Teddy, hardly ever barks until he sees you eating...and then he barks. I need to be around this dude more often to have my own canine calorie counting system.

Teddy -- Paws In The Air and Not Barking for Food


  1. I have P90X, and Kenpo is actually one of my favorites. Also the one, I forget what it's called, that involves a lot of jumping. I can't do some of them, but it's fun.

    Benadryl kills me. I can take a single pill and it will knock me out. Apparently it strikes some people that day. If I need to make sure I sleep, I can take a "non drowsy" cold pill and be out for 8 hours. Of course I feel woozy and yucky after, so it's not a great solution.

  2. If you remember the name of the jumping P90X workout, let me know.

    Re: the cold pill, that's the way I felt post-Benadryl -- woozy and yucky. Someone once gave me Claritan and I don't remember being knocked out by it so I might have to use a different brand.