Friday, March 14, 2014

Deciding on Yoga

So Exciting...
Went for a walk and listened to a moving episode of The Moth with Carl Pillitteri who was in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant when it suffered damage from the earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011.

Guess I should say that I am often moved by The Moth storytellers...

After walking felt like I wanted to move my body more but went in search of food. And by searching, I mean going to Chipotle. When I finished with dinner checked to see if any of my, as The 'Fugee calls them, virtual friends had made a move on Word with Friends and noticed that Alison had emailed to see if I was interested in Zumba or yoga. Her second email said that she had decided on yoga.

I'm not a very spontaneous person -- sometimes tormenting myself when trying to decide to do one activity over another but I gathered my stuff, emailed Alison and headed out.

The room at this particular branch is oddly built with two huge posts toward the outer edges of the room. The teacher usually turns out some of the lights leaving the right side in darkness and the left side all lit up but it was a quiet class and a class with space. I had time to make myself at home in poses. Who cares about how oddly the room is built?

Practicing last night allowed me to keep my composure today. I was out for three days. My coworker was out for the other two. There are two of us -- for the most part. Don't remember which pose we were working on but Pam said something along the lines of Don't make this hard or don't over think it -- so convincing and poetic when she said it.

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