Thursday, March 20, 2014

Valuable Lesson

My brother was upset about one of his sons jumping out of an airplane and when he saw how blasé I was about it, he said Next, you'll be jumping out of a plane too.

My Aunt Al kind of snickered when I said that I have no intention of engaging in such an activity. Apparently, she thinks that I have it in me to take a leap.

Still, I was surprised when I had a dream about being in an aircraft with open windows. I felt nervous sitting on the edge but I felt even more nervous when we landed and couldn't find my purse. I was totally disturbed when I woke up.

Prior to the aircraft dream, there was the dream about reviewing my bank account. It was a pretty indifferent review.

Don't usually have dreams about money but maybe I should have them more often. Last month, I realized that I was over my maximum allowance of vacation days so I lost a day of vacation. Lesson learned, big time.


  1. I can TOTALLY see you jumping out of an airplane. No stretch of the imagination needed. Just surprised you haven't done it already :-)