Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where Not To Place Your Yoga Mat

Daylight Saving Time, CERT training and The 'Fugee's surgery to repair her lover's fracture have made for a hard week.

During CERT training, learned about the STL's Zombie Squad. Earlier in the day, kind of felt like a zombie before I took to the bed for two hours. Don't even think that I slept for much of that time -- just couldn't deal with being vertical.

Went to yoga and this guy put his mat precisely in front of mine which wasn't necessary since the class wasn't packed.

At some point, smelled something sour. I knew that my clothes were fresh but sniffed them anyway then sniffed my mat.

Surya Namaskar Gloria said. As I did a forward fold, I realized that the fermenty sour smell was coming from the man in front of me. Felt slightly nauseous and wanted to leave. Instead, I just scooted to the back of my mat and tried not to take too many deep breaths. Ironic, hunh?

Someone requested ab work for class. Next time, think the entire class should vote.

Actually, I don't mind ab work and the sequence was relaxing until...

Interesting segment on Nightline about Dan Harris who was self-medicating and had an on-camera breakdown. Meditation has helped him deal with his demons.

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News


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  2. Smelly Guy, puttin' The Moves on 'Drea...


  3. Also, this:

  4. Big yuck...

    I read Charlotte's post. Hilarious! Love the visuals. It's good to know that the yoga experience is a universal one.

    Doesn't it make you want to rush to a yoga class?