Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dismiss Your Body...

Rolled out and met Gloria for breakfast. Had the herbivore omelet with broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms with a side of sweet potato hash. Yummy. There was a caveman omelet which didn't even tempt me.

After breakfast, Gloria and I went on a tour of KDHX's new digs. The radio station is run by volunteers and their new space is very nice.

Cool Ass Retro TV at KDHX

One of the Views from Radio Station
When I was at work on Friday, someone asked me had I heard about what happened to The 'Fugee....? -- not a question that you really want to hear.

The 'Fugee, wearing seldom worn shoes, tumbled down about 15 steps and her fallen was broken by a window pane. Ouch, ouch and more ouch.

As I went about my day, I thought about The 'Fugee -- replaying the tumble in my head even though I hadn't witnessed it.

The 'Fugee has several lacerations, bruises, black eyes and fractures including a calcaneal fracture which I did not know is also known as lover's fracture. According to Wikipedia:
The name lover's fracture is derived from the fact that a lover may jump from great heights while trying to escape from the lover's spouse.
Hazira's nephew-in-law joked that it was a good thing that she hit the glass because a wall is less forgiving. Of course, the glass has its own danger; one of my childhood friends lost her brother that way.

Hazira's nephew joked that her arms will be more toned from walking around with crutches and whatnot but, all joking aside, we are grateful that The 'Fugee is okay...

Where The 'Fugee's Fall Was Broken

Went to yoga and, at one point, wondered why I had even bothered to show up. We did eagle pose in the middle of class and, because I loathe eagle, just hearing the name of the pose almost drove me over the edge. I know, I know; it's not about the pose. I'm feeling tired and like I can't catch up with tasks etc.

During savasana, Alison said Dismiss your body from any responsibilities. Dismiss your mind from worry. Relax...And, as she talked, her feet made the most rhythmic sound on the environmentally-friendly floor. I almost started bawling.


  1. The poor 'Fugee! What a scary thing to happen! I hope she's doing well and not in much pain. (I write "much" because I don't think you can have those injuries and not be in some pain.) She should definitely make up a cool story about the injuries—sky diving or cage fighting, something like that.

    Eagle pose looks the most horrible thing ever invented.

  2. Very scary... I think she should go with the sky diving story.