Thursday, March 6, 2014

Going With The Flow

Yummy yoga class last night.

The Zumba folks left the fans on and Gloria asked if we wanted to leave them on and, if so, she was going with a vinyasa flow.

Janice and I both asked at the same time Can we just turn the fans off?

At some point, I was quite hot even with air blowing in all directions.

It was such a relaxing class despite the heat or, maybe, because of the heat. Even the noisy savasana defector couldn't disturb my peace.

After class, Janice said that the college-age woman who's been bullying her daughter needs yoga.

There are several people at my job whose phones are paid for by said job. The 'Fugee joked that they need to pay for my yoga classes. I certainly wouldn't be able to do my job without yoga. Today, I was pretty unshakeable in the calm department.


  1. My job promotes yoga (and other) classes with constant emails and flyers, but you have to pay for them and they are offered after work in inconvenient locations. So I consider that to be nothing but lip service. "Hey, go take care of yourself! But on your own time and at your own expense! Love ya!"

    I don't consider that it's my employer's responsibility to support/finance that, anyway, but since it's not, they should just shut up instead of pretending they're doing something.

    I think we should have those group calisthenics and stretching breaks that they do in Japanese factories. Nothing to stop me from doing it myself, but I don't see that happening :-)

  2. It's definitely lip service with a little bit of unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Before I got into yoga, my job actually paid for a yoga instructor for a very brief period of time. After my b-day yoga party, several people expressed interest in having a yoga instructor come about four times a month. I would like to organize it. On the other hand, I would like not to...

    I saw the group calisthenics on "An Idiot Abroad" and also thought it was cool. I forget to do simple stretches at my desk and that's just ridiculous.