Monday, March 10, 2014

Fortify Yourself

Went to disaster training (with three other colleagues) instead of to work. Had to pretty much get up at "5:45" -- definitely not my normal time.

This one participant kept wanting to know when they were going to offer the training again even though the representative told her. Sarah finally said This is half of our office (two people) and someone decided to put me in charge this week too.

Good to know that my office is not the only one understaffed...

As Sarah talked, there was fireman, Bob, who could barely stay in his seat. I dubbed him Fire Marshall Bill (from In Living Color) for his unbelievable energy. Although Bob thought he was a comedian, he imparted the necessary information.

Rule #1...Take care of yourself.

Rule #2...Always work with a buddy.

Rule #29...During, say, a tornado do whatever you can to fortify yourself with blankets or a bicycle helmet etc.

I like what the fireman said, while talking about blood, how the body is a container with a pump...

We watched a video, before actually practicing, about how to take care of a small fire. One of my coworkers thought it was a dramatic presentation. The emergency response team approached the small fire announcing what they were doing then announced that they were backing out. Reminded me of rock climbing. We do a lot of repetitive commands but as the fireman said -- communication is of the utmost importance.

Pushed myself to go for a walk but knew not to push for yoga this p.m. Ate then crawled into bed where I stayed for 90 minutes and could have stayed there longer.

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