Sunday, March 2, 2014

Once You Go Yoga...or Stuff Yoga Teachers Say

No yoga class today because of the weather but I definitely plan to do yoga at home. I often have the pleasure of teachers guiding me in person but their words remain with me long after class.

Kind of nice to be on weather lockdown and not running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off...

  • Breathe with your whole body.  

  • Gloria

  • It's your hour

  • Donna

  • It all comes together and begins to make sense in savasana

  • Gloria

  • Cut your right hip bone in and under...

  • Gloria

  • Imagine that you have a jacket that you wear. You're going to take that jacket off... 

  • Alison at the start of savasana

  • Let the breath flush out the pose

  • Gloria

  • No forcing, no straining, no struggling in yoga.

  • Gloria

  • The feet and shins provide the thrust for camel. 

  • Alison

  • Your eyes complete the twist. 

  • Rebecca (during seated spinal twist)

  • Scan your body. See if anything speaks to you; it wants to have a dialogue... 

  • Rebecca

  • Feel the vibration of your whole body

  • Alison at the start of practice...

  • Once you go yoga, you never go back... 

  • Alison

    Once you go yoga, you can also leave your shoes...

  • Place your thumbs at your sternum. Feel the vibration of your heart with your thumbs. Feel the vibration of what's going on in the air with your fingers...

  • Alison (at the close of practice)


    1. If nothing else, this winter has given me countless examples of messages with "increment" weather instead of "inclement." Now it looks weird to see it used correctly.

    2. "Increment" weather -- funny. One of my friends knew someone who used to say tetrified...