Monday, March 16, 2015

And Yes For Sunday

Asked Alison if she was up to bicycling on Sunday and she said yes but suggested that we skip yoga so that we didn't have to do and prepare for back-to-back activities on our first significant outing.

Hit downtown and encountered several blocked roads because I didn't realize that the City Arch River project had extended.

Alison said that this road below was here first f' it moment.

I wasn't confident that I'd find my way to the Riverfront Trail parking lot but I did after several detours. Half the parking lot is fenced off but there was one space left for moi.

Alison and I stopped in our tracks because we noticed major changes in the mural at the start of the trail...

Continued with my bicycling adventure and peddled to work. During lunch thought about how I wanted to be active in the evening and it would have been ridiculous not to head to the park after work since it's nearby. Gathered workout clothes during my lunch break and carried out my plan. The weather was perfect.

Went to yoga tonight -- first time on the mat this month. Joy was talking the talk and saying stuff like calm and peaceful is our natural state and later on Your body loves your attention.

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