Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clean Again

Patti emailed me toward the end of the work day to say that she wasn't feeling very energetic and I told her that once she started climbing the walls, her chi would start flowing again. I was right.

Patti had been upset about something and took her anger out on the wall.

I could see Will's mind in the future as he talked about what he needed to get done: laundry and cooking. He did not appreciate my old joke about laundry in the hamper:

Clothes stored in the hamper long enough, become clean again.

This guy, Chris, showed Will how to climb this one 5.10b route. Chris talked about the difference between trad and sport climbing then told Will about his technique -- I'm moving slow like I'm literally about to step on a mouse trap...

Will told me that he's on his seventh iPod Nano and now gets an extended warranty.

I've done research and there's one company that supposedly replaces iPod Touch screens for $50 and can do it in an hour. Not sure if I should just put that money into a new one or not.

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