Sunday, March 22, 2015

Imperfect Patch

As I headed in the direction of the riverfront yesterday, I kind of meditated about being able to lift my bicycle out of the basement, getting into my car unassisted, seeing the downtown tourists etc...

Two of Many Volunteers
When I hit the trail saw individuals picking up debris and I was really touched when I saw the under 10 crowd helping out...

Fast forward to this morning...blah. Didn't feel like going to 9:00 a.m. yoga and wasn't sure about 11 but pushed myself in hopes that I would be able to shake off my blue mood.

Gloria did a restorative class and I smiled when we said Namaste. I've always liked the way Gloria does her three Namaste salute after the initial class-ending one.

After yoga went to the grocery store and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by live music. The singer had a dancing hulu girl in a beverage holder and that also made me smile. The first words that I heard were These are the days of miracle...

First Singer That I've Seen In This Store
As I made Red Quinoa Zucchini Burgers I did Qigong in between and I can see why some yoga teachers like to mix in Qigong with yoga. It was definitely hard to stay in the blah zone while doing swimming dragon.

Before practice started Gloria read a passage from one of Sarah Ban Breathnac's books that talked about perfectionism and how Amish quilters deliberately leave an imperfect patch.

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