Wednesday, March 18, 2015

As Much As Possible

No exercise yesterday. Went with the 'Fugee and another 'Fugee over to Illinois to look at an outlet store's glasses so that the other 'Fugee didn't have to pay hundreds.

At the outlet I inquired about a doctor's appointment since the cost of an exam is less than my copay and it's where I get my glasses from anyway.

Went to the STL Bread Company for dinner and tried one of their new broth bowls. Probably had more sodium than I needed but what the heck...

We also went to Fresh Thyme, a new grocery store on the Ill-side.

Got home and realized that I was just wearing my Fitbit case but the device wasn't in it. I was thinking about how bad my luck has been but tried not to dwell on it and prepared to call the various stores to see if anyone had turned it in but the other 'Fugee found it in her car this morning and I'm glad because the Fitbit has become an important visual reminder for me to move as much as possible.


  1. You scared me with that Fitbit story! You've had very bad device luck lately. Glad it turned out well.

  2. Me too... I was sad when I spotted the empty case.