Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Doing Something

My short commute to work has become shorter since the move.

Decided to walk to work yesterday and, without too much extra preparation, I got to work not too long after I normally get there. 

Managed to download one of the saddest episodes of The Moth -- Eyewitness: The Moth in Portland, ME. I don't mind being plunged into a dark story if there's light at the end but it was odd to be teary-eyed while walking.

Picked my bike up from the shop and it's all clean and tuned up. I plan to bicycle to work since it's supposed to get up to 69 degrees.

Hit the pool tonight. This woman told me I haven't seen you during the day. I explained to her that I only swim during the day when I'm off from work and she told me that she'd missed two swim sessions and was able to fit in this p.m. one. I gotta do something because I like to eat and drink...

On a totally different note, I wasn't completely sure that I was awake this morning when I heard this woman's  chant.


  1. I haven't heard that Moth yet. Maybe I'll wait until I'm in a super happy mood so it doesn't kill me.

    It's great that you are able to walk or cycle to work. I have a 40 minute commute, and it really sucks losing that much time out of my day. I know a few people with 2 hour commutes, and seriously I don't know how they can manage.

    I just can't believe that story. At my age, I shouldn't be so shockable, but I'm just bewildered. First I couldn't believe anyone would think it's OK to sing something like that; then I couldn't believe a whole bus of people were OK with it; then I couldn't believe the house mother sang it! In what universe could anyone, anywhere, think that's an acceptable thing to do?

  2. Larry Wilmore joked that since there was a rap song with a similar refrain he guessed that it was okay for the house mom to sing it but wondered if she really had to sing it with so much glee.

    And there was a disturbing amount of glee...

    Still can't quite believe it.

  3. I was so focused on the house mother that I forgot to acknowledge that, yes, I am very fortunate that I live close to work...