Monday, March 2, 2015

Do You Love It?

I've been trying to get up without grumbling and it's worked up until this morning. Woke up hard and didn't feel like I had much of a weekend and when I think about how long it took to get to the end of last week, well, sigh...

Didn't go anywhere yesterday and started to feel claustrophobic.

Went in search of a pair of house shoes that I bought over four years ago and unearthed so many other things in the process. Couldn't believe all of the magazines and journals that I had put on my closet floor. Who does that kind of thing?

Found gifts that I had long forgotten about then found myself posing the question Do you love it? I have learned vicariously. Patti's been reading this book by a Japanese woman that is apparently all the rage.

When I held up one of the items, I definitely didn't have loving thoughts. Instead, I thought about how big it was and how much space it would take up so it went into a donation bag.

I uncluttered for hours but it was a drop in the bucket but at least it was a start and this time around I feel ready to let go of stuff.

Patti offered to loan me the book via Kindle but that's not going to work since my Kindle is out of commission. One of my coworkers said that when her husband walked into the pool with an iPhone, the rice didn't work until they opened it up and took the battery out and the details get fuzzy after that...

The basic Kindle is on sale for $59 right now but I'd rather not spend money if I don't have to...

When one of my colleagues walked in and saw the latest flower arrangement, she said that it was a Japanese way of arranging flowers -- usually living plants.

The person who gave it to me said that it was intended to to be presented in a certain direction but I don't remember the specifics. She also said that she enjoys making flower arrangements and that it helps her deal with stress...

On another note, dropped my iPod about 10 minutes ago and the glass shattered spectacularly.


  1. I was just going to mention that you can get a Kindle reader app for your iPod. The broken one :(

  2. That's exactly how my face looked.

    Don't think that I will replace the Kindle. I can download the Kindle ap on my tablet.

    There were times when I felt like I had too many devices and now that I have a tablet, well, getting another Kindle doesn't make sense.