Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Tracy

For someone who is not into classes, I wanted to try out another one. I called my friend Lori to see if she wanted to go with me. I ruled out Y-Sculpt which didn't have a description but didn't sound like the best option for my sore upper body. For some reason, I imagined that Y-Sculpt involved weights.

I asked Lori if she wanted to go to Turbo Kick. Lori said Tracy's teaching that class. I hadn't even realized it. Tracy was the one who had my body all locked up and on fire Sunday morning.

As I was entering the driveway toward the recreation complex, I thought I saw Lori going in the opposite direction. Oh, no; Lori changed her mind.

As it turned out, Lori did not change her mind and came bouncing into the class Tigger-like.

We did some kicking,(obviously) jabbing and jumping jacks. We also did some rowing and wheels. I really liked the jabbing and rowing.

Although, I must admit, it was challenging to exercise in front of a mirror because I'm still thick and the mirror is a reminder that I can stand to lose about twenty more pounds. Also, I wasn't crazy about the observers outside the glass doors of the studio but I got over it and chalked the watching up to curiosity.

When we got on the ground for wind down time, Tracy had the nerve to have us do some ab work. My little abs were still tender from Saturday's beat down. Despite my tender abs, I elevated my legs, got a lock on my core, made an A with my hands and did what I had to do.

Later on, Lori and I were talking about Turbo Kick. Crazy Tracy is in shape, Lori said. I laughed because that moniker fits her well. Tracy is, of course, crazy in a good way. She seems very informed and passionate about what she does.

Lori and I were discussing our Tuesday fitness options. She wants to take the Yogalates class. I told Lori that I'm down for the yoga but I don't know about the lates.


  1. I miss classes at the gym, I need to go to one asap. Use my memebership! lol

  2. Nicci,

    I'm having so much fun with classes right now but I've definitely had my moments -- paying for the gym but engaged in other activities outside of the gym.