Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is Everyone Stable?

Fascinating question, Karen, but I think everyone was stable at the point -- at least on their stability balls.

I can't believe that I avoided classes for so long. I ventured into an intermediate step class today and it completely rocked. I loved it.

I enjoyed the rocking horses, the kicks and the knee lifts. Who knew a little platform could be so much fun and make you work so freakin' hard?

I loved the cadence when everyone was in synch. And the sound of simultaneous feet hitting steps? So motivating.

Karen was like an assassin -- all business and straight-faced. My friend Lori suspects that she is an introvert as opposed to the instructor Tracy who is an out-and-out extrovert.

After all of that stomping and arm swinging, we put up the steps and brought out the mats and stability balls which also entertained me. We did sit-ups and push-ups and we did a child-like pose over the ball. I also liked it when we just bounced on the stability ball.

Step class was so cool and so much fun. I was instantly addicted.

Addicted To Love

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