Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There Might Be Falling

Rock climbing was on the table for today but I didn't know what time it was going to jump off.

I got a call at 11:15 for a noon rendezvous -- just at the time that I had put maple syrup and SO Delicious coconut creamer in my nice big coffee mug.

I sat, for awhile, debating whether or not to go even though I had been jonesing to climb the rocks. Part of my dilemma came about because I'm a newbie and I still require tips. I even debated whether or not my presence would be a hassle for the veterans.

Be flexible, I told myself. I also threw in a chill out for good measure. And I did chill out. I finished up my coffee, got ready and grabbed a SportVit bar.

I'm always a little nervous when I've been away from rock climbing for awhile. When I was belaying for Patti, she told me that it was a new route for her so there might be falling. Smart woman even though I'm an alert belayer.

I climbed, mostly, 5.6 routes today but I also tackled a 5.7 route in the corner. I'm so proud of myself. Hopefully, I'll get to 5.8 one of these days.

It was interesting to chitchat with Patti who is lactose intolerant. She does not really eat out or eat other people's food because, people -- myself included -- forget how much food is made with butter et al. As for me, I often decline other folks' food now because people will tell you that they made something that's not bad when they have doused it with oil or butter...

After climbing, I went to get some transition pants at the ScholarShop.

I tried on a size 14 that was too tight but another pair, a 12, was a perfect fit; weird.

I got to the register all prepared to pay $6 dollars when the clerk said $4.50.

Wow, the ScholarShop was having a 25% off sale.


  1. Hi Drea ,

    Just out of curiosity, where do you get those SportVit Bars ? I love them, I buy them everytime I go to Switzerland. Is there a place I can order them so that I don't have to travel to Swtzerland everytime to get one :) ?

  2. :o, I wish that I knew where to get them from. Every time that I've had them, it's been someone coming from Switzerland that brings them and they don't go very often.

    I did check out Migros' web page but since I don't speak German or French, I couldn't tell whether or not they had SportVit Bars.

    When I was really consuming chocolate, I actually ordered something from Swiss Made but they don't have the SV.

    If you find a location that has them, please let me know... ;)