Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Give The Gift Of Swim

When I went to Target the other day, the Halloween aisle had been wrecked. Over my shoulder, I spotted the Christmas section. It's that time of year again.

It also looks like Swim Outlet is ready for the big holiday.Sometimes I think that I want a waterproof MP3 player. But do I really need one? Swimming presents a rare opportunity to unplug and it's an activity that I find relaxing as all get out. In fact, I'll probably sleep very well tonight since I swam 30 laps -- the most laps that I've ever done.

While getting in my laps, I watched the young dynamic duo. One girl's butterfly stroke is getting better and better. I can always tell when someone has started the fly; it almost sounds tornadic.

I also watched as chatty Kathleen taught a young man how to swim.

I listened as one dad continued to develop his sons' swimming skills. He continued to coax the younger son while reassuring him that he was safe and that he wouldn't let anything happen to him. Even though his son told him I don't think I'm made for this.

I chit chatted with a woman who executes gorgeous dives. I asked her how long it takes her to swim a mile but she insisted that she was not a swimmer but a diver, nay, runner who got into marathons at the urging of her boss. She even qualified for the Boston Marathon. Upon reflection, the runner said: I like running. It's the only time I get to be alone. Otherwise, it's mom, mom.

I probably won't get the water audio system.

It's good to unplug and it's good to engage with people.

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