Saturday, November 28, 2009

Driven, I'm Driven

I went rock climbing today and I faltered and faltered.

I made it to the top one time and, on every other route, I made it about halfway.

I was even having issues tying a figure eight knot.

All the holds seemed sadistic. I know that I'm capable of doing a 5.6 and a 5.7 and other people were successfully climbing but I just could not get a grip. Off day, I guess. I know that I'm relying on my arms, too, when I should be relying on my legs.

I did feel more comfortable belaying. I haven't been climbing twice in one week before. Even though I like rock climbing, I just haven't been consistently because I don't really have a belay partner. Plus, I'm just all over the place exercise-wise and don't really need yet another membership.

As we all came to the conclusion that there had been enough rock climbing, Patti asked me what I was going to do -- seeing that it's a nice day and all. I said that I was going swimming. In the softest and sweetest voice she said, I think you're crazy but okay.

People, that's enough with the crazy label. Driven. I'm driven.

See, since I didn't make it up many routes, I felt like I didn't have a good workout. I went home and ate and then rounded up my swimming gear.

When I got to the pool, there were quite a few informal flyers. The pool was closed for repairs until further notice. Maybe that was the universe's way of slowing me down today. Of course, I could have gone somewhere else to swim but I really didn't have the energy to go any further...

Here's a cute video about a group of folks getting certified to belay.

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