Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nooowwwww, how will you navigate through Thanksgiving?

The big day, Thanksgiving, is one week away and I think about it. I do. If I let my mind go in that direction, I think about how I'll miss German chocolate cake, macaroni and cheese and candied yams. I was recently asked the above question by someone I was having a e-mail conversation with and here's my response:

I really approach Thanksgiving the way I approach any other day. However, I do make an exception for sweet potato pie and, even with SP pie, I've found a lower calorie recipe for sweet potato puree. So, I'm even going to put the kibosh on sweet potato pie soon.

I'll eat the turkey and green beans but I'll pass on the dressing, mac and cheese etc.

There's a feature in Fitness magazine called You ate it, negate it. When I see how long it takes to burn off calories for, say, key lime pie, it makes me lose my desire for that item.

I did 65 minutes on the AMT yesterday and it wasn't all fun and games but I gutted it out.

In general, when I think about how much time I've spent in the gym and on my way to the gym, I don't take food lightly anymore. And every book that I read says the same thing: diet and exercise -- you won't be successful unless you pair the two.

And, now, I don't even feel like I'm sacrificing a lot in the taste department if I eat reduced Swiss cheese as opposed to the non-reduced Swiss version.

As early as this week, I decided to clamp down even harder on casual consumption of food. Even my family has gotten on board, to a certain extent, asking me if I'll eat a certain item. Sometimes the answer is no and it's okay for both parties. I used to feel a bit guilty and a bit like I was missing out on something -- especially when the cook made something that I used to fawn over but, in the end, it's quality time that you're spending with that person and not what dish they made.

Several of us are supposed to go out-of-town and I'm already thinking ahead regarding packing lunch and snacks. I fear, though, that there won't be enough room for my almond butter, hummus, Kashi bars and Lesser Evil veggie sticks.

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