Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Be Careful What You Ask For

You know that you are getting your butt kicked when time starts to stand still as if you're in your own personal version of The Twilight Zone or a childhood nightmare where you're running down the hall and trying to get to the door but the hallway keeps getting longer and longer.

All that to say, tonight was Cardio and Muscle night. It's so beautiful in The Lou and I thought about taking my workout outside but I was outside yesterday where I incorporated stair climbing with walking as I donned four pound weights. I felt like yesterday's exercise was decent but I felt like being pushed today.

Be careful what you ask for...

Kate's phrases for today were push and push it. And push she did.

At one time, I felt like an under matched fighter against the ropes when Kate said:

I can tell that I'm workin' you all because it's getting quieter and quieter.
I had to resort to lower modifications on more than one occasion.

I like jumping jacks and I couldn't quite figure out why but I was reading the Jan./Feb. issue of Health magazine. Health posed a question to several women. It began with this starter: What My Body Really Feels Like...

Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars said:

What My Body Really Feels Like...In Motion

But I must say, jumping jacks are probably one of my favorite movements. It's a full-body workout, plus there's a lot of joy because you're jumping like a child and it sort of takes you back to that place...It takes you back to the freedom of being in the air and not held down by gravity. It's defying the laws of physics for a minute, like you're doing something you're not supposed to and getting away with it...
Yeah, what Carrie Ann Inaba said.

Towards the end of class, Kate said Do you notice how much space I have around me? I snickered because her assessment was true. Everyone was pretty much in the back of the class. Why is that? The same happens at church. You would think that if you want to be in church, you would want to get as close as possible to God's messenger unless, of course, you're uncivilized like me. Same thing with school. Well, I don't think a lot of youngins appreciate school which reminds me of a forward I read about living life in reverse -- like we should start out retired and end life on an orgasmic note.

The whole front of the class/church/studio reminds me of Patti (one of my belay partners). Patti has invited me to laughing yoga a couple of times. She said that there's only one rule: to maintain eye contact. I hate eye contact so that's why I've never gone. Just kidding.

So, my question is: if you're up front, is there more contact and, if so, why is contact shunned?

By the way, Kate had on pink and black and it was hard to differentiate her from the bunny since she just kept going and going...


  1. the only time I am ever up front is in a spin class because that's where the big fans are sitting and I love the breeze. otherwise, I like to hide in the back where hopefully I can blend in. I hate to stand out or attract attention - especially when I am wearing spandex!!!!

  2. I've never taken a fitness class before, but I think I would not feel very comfortable up front. Probably due to the fact that it would be something totally new for me.

  3. @Diane,

    I like it that you go to the front of the class when necessary and I bet you look cute in your spandex. ;)


    My instinct is definitely to hang out at the back of the room but if the class is crowded etc. I don't mind going to the front. Mind you, I would have minded very much just six months ago.