Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Speed For Now

My rock climbing goals include getting up a 5.9 route and taking a lead climbing class. In order to participate in the class, I need to get myself up a 5.9. I'm hoping that I'll be able to ascend such a route soon and I know it's possible because I never thought I'd be able to climb 5.8's.

Route tally for 3/27:

Truxton or Bust, 5.6 (Ascended 2x's & Down Climbed Once)
Unnamed, 5.6 (Ascended & Down Climbed)
Sponge Bob, 5.7
A Savage Salvage Project, 5.8
Bright Idea, 5.8
Face Plant, 5.8
Rainbow Bright, 5.8
All Weinered Up, 5.8b (attempted)

That 5.8b that I attempted was wicked; that's all I'm saying. I should also say ouch.

The kids had me chuckling. One youngin in his teeny tiny voice was telling himself and his crew I can make to the top; I can make it. A first time preteen climber asked if I was going to fly up the wall if he fell because, at the time, I was belaying for Mike (Patti's husband). Mike is about six feet tall. I told him that I would not fly but Patti explained to him if we were doing lead climbing that, because of the weight disparity, I might, indeed, go flying up the wall.

After climbing, I went to South Side Cyclery and took a 2010 7.2 FX Trek and a 2010 Trek 7000 for a spin on the parking lot. Don't laugh but my current bike is a one speed. I can gut it out and labor up hills and such but it would be much nicer to have a better bike. :o, I completely dug the rapid fire gears on the Trek 7.2. So nice.

I saw this beauty, a Specialized Allez, as I was walking around the shop.

The young man that was helping me out was super nice. Still, I find bike folks just as confusing as car mechanics. What's good about the South Side Cyclery is that they will let you take the bike out of the shop but you can pay (without interest) off the bike in 12 months provided that the application that you fill out is approved.

Do you have a bike? If so, what kind and what is your main use for your bicycle? Fitness? Transportation? Triathlons? Also, how many gears do you have?


  1. I bought a womans configured cannondale synapses last year and it rides like BUTTER...I ride it for fun :)and maybe fitness.

  2. :o, A butter-like ride? Sounds wonderful.

    I like it that you ride your bike for fun. :)

  3. I have a bike but it is in need of repair. It's an older Pugh that my mom gave me. It's a good one though.

    Right now I ride my son's Target bike. Hard to ride but it gives me a good workout because it's so heavy!

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