Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food Nostalgia

Ah, the back seat of my car. I have to admit that I'm not very good with putting things away. Sometimes it works in my favor. If I get hungry after working out, I am an arm length away from food.

Yesterday, I went to Aldi to grab a few items. The only thing that I really planned on getting was Fit and Active 100 calorie pack cheese crackers and I ended up getting peanut puffs and apples as well. I was surprised when the bill came in under five dollars. I need to put Aldi on my radar again.

The peanut puffs were a purely nostalgic purchase. I checked out the stats and figured that I could have them as a pre-workout snack.
Nutrition Facts
  • Serving Size 2 cups

  • Calories 147 (Per Serving)

  • Total Fat 7g

  • Saturated Fat 1g

  • Sodium 230mg

  • Total Carbohydrate 17g

  • Dietary Fiber 1g

  • Sugars less than 1g

  • Protein 4g
  • I first had peanut puffs in Croatia where they're not called peanut puffs.

    I went to Croatia years ago and I miss it and I miss a friend.

    I also miss Mostar.

    To complete this pensive state that I'm in, let's just throw some Đorđe Balašević into the mix.

    There are other people who remind me of food or vice versa.

    Anytime I see macaroni and cheese, it reminds me of one of my aunts.

    Cornbread = my grandmother.

    Have you eaten, indulged or purchased any food items because they reminded you of someone or some place you have been?


    1. It's funny because I do both! I have eaten my favorite relative's lasanga because it reminds me of them and avoided certain foods because of bad memories!!

    2. Diane,

      :o, I hadn't thought of the bad memories angle. Interesting. Come to think of it, I have avoided a certain food after getting ill not too long after consuming it which was probably a coincidence but...

    3. When my grandmother died the first thing I did was go to the store and buy rice pudding. It is a comfort food for me because my grandmother made heaping bowls of it for me when I was a child. Even when I was in college I would come home and she would make it for me. I will always, always associate rice pudding with love and with my grandmother. thanks for bringing a sweet memory to my mind.

      a lovely post and lovely idea. also the part about the back seat of your car cracks me up :)

    4. Diane,

      Thanks and big thanks for reminding me of those *little* niceties that the people in our lives do for us. That's very touching that you associate rice pudding with love and your grandmother...

      Re: my back seat, I do feel like it's my own little bodega at times. :)

    5. Aldi is THE BOMB. Their Fit n Active line is awfully good.

    6. gingersnapper,

      Yes, Aldi is the bomb and I don't know how it falls off my radar. Fish, fruit, green tea, pickles... What was I thinking staying away so long?