Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keep Breathing

I have a barely there cold: sniffles, clear mucous, a non-sore but irritated throat that makes my voice deeper. After two days, the cold is already fading which I chalk up to my otherwise good immune system. There were just too many sick people within spraying distance.

There are days when I wonder if I have the stamina to do anything and today was one of those days. It's not just a question of stamina. It's more like -- do I have it in me and how long will I have it in me?

I had been looking forward (can't believe I just wrote that) to my regular Tuesday class, Cardio and Muscle, with Ms. Kate especially since I didn't go last week because of my work schedule.

After feeling like taking a nap around lunch time, I got a second burst of energy.

During Kate's class, I tried to keep my moaning to myself. Oh my God just came out automatically at times. Kate's arsenal of fast feet, jumping jacks, squats et al. will elicit such a response.

I kept thinking to myself this is going to hurt in the morning but I also tried to listen to Kate who continuously said keep breathing along with her other command of suck in those abs.


  1. how do you breathe and suck in your abs all at once? :)

  2. midlife_swimmer,

    It is quite the conundrum and I think that it requires a lot of talent. So, I just work on the breathing and concentrate on the abs later. ;)

  3. Jumping jacks, arrggh! I love/hate them, but I need about three sports bras to even consider. Otherwise I just move my feet and hold my boobs with my hands. It's a good look.

  4. I hope your cold is completely gone! Sounds like a great class - I need to remember to suck in my abs too!

  5. @gingersnapper

    LMAO. Ironically, when I went to open my gym bag that day, I discovered that I had left my sports bra behind.


    My cold is almost gone. It's amazing how wonderful it is to walk around unfettered by colds and such.