Sunday, March 28, 2010

RX For Sunday Blues

I was feeling sore and sluggish and the thought of actually getting dressed and venturing out the house was so unappealing. Then, the rain came. I think that I get in a blue funk of sorts on Sunday.

I read an article, not this one although it sounds similar, that talked about Sunday depression being a serious issue for some people. Like, they can't even sleep or won't go to sleep in order to extend the weekend.

For me, I think about all the stuff that I wanted to do: clean the fish tank, organizing, clean xyz, plan meals.

I remember one professor that I had from Africa. He said: you people put too much stock in Friday. The you people didn't even bother me; I understood where he was coming from. He also said something about it being a no win situation when you put all of your happiness in one day...

I also remember reading The Artist's Way and the author talked about taking advantage of small moments and not waiting for huge chunks of time to enjoy activities or to get things done which is why I try to read for, at least, 15 or 20 minutes in the morning instead of looking at Today or GMA and listening to repetitive horror stories with anchors who are on automatic. I can always read the newspaper later to catch up on important news.

I decided not to go swimming as planned because I didn't have the heart to exit my abode. So, I'm catching up on The Biggest Loser and it's time for the last chance workout. Daris is doing army crawls under his blue team cohorts who are making it hard for him to crawl under. Tears are seeping out my eyes, a frequent occurrence when I watch TBL and when the last chance workout is over, Daris says:

I left everything I had in the gym. I don't have any skin on my elbows to prove it.
I decide that I will work out. I do Cardio X from P90X and I have to tell you that I love the swing kicks which you do with the aid of a chair or stool. You swing your left then right leg over the chair and vice versa. I felt like a Rockette. I wasn't so crazy about The Dreya Roll which just seemed like a Burpee in reverse and I hate burpees and trust me when I say that hate is not too strong of a word.


  1. I felt lazy today and the difference is that I didn't do much. Sad.Oh, I did finally get a closet, but that won't make my jiggle go away.

  2. Sara,

    You crack me up. There is time to make the jiggle go away. :)

  3. Good post. There is nothing wrong with not leaving the house on a Sunday..esp when you throw in a little P90X to the mix. Nive job! I have not gotten to Cardio X yet. That will either be next week or the week after (still deciding if I am going to count last week as 1 or 2 since I was sick for a few days in between the actual week 1 and 2). Yeah....the reverse burpee..oh joy! DOES feel so good when you finish up one of the P90X DVDs. Cooldown time is just SO satisfying.

  4. I like that about not waiting until you have a huge chunk of time. With that method you could wait for years...

  5. Sunday is my favorite day. Get up at the crack of dawn, make the coffee, read the NY Times Sunday Edition, go for a bike ride, play with the kids, have a little BBQ, maybe a firepit and some smores...

    On the other hand, doing Dreya rolls and burpees is not something you will ever find me doing on a sunday. Even when my back could take it (which it certainly couldn't now) I hated them. you have my complete sympathy and GREAT JOB for getting it done!

    :) have a great week

  6. I find that if I try and wait for the perfect time or day it just doesn't get done. I tend to just jump in and do it. Of course sometimes I make a huge mess that I don't want to clean up, but that's just the truth!

    I hope you achieve all your goals this week!

  7. @Greta,

    Thanks for backing me up. ;) Can't wait to hear what you think of Cardio X. And, yeah, one of my favorite poses is child's pose.


    I tend to be an all or nothing kind of gal and, when I read that about taking advantage of small chunks of time, it was extremely helpful.


    You actually reminded me that Sunday used to be one of my favorite days and it was when I was riding my bike on various trails. I have yet to take the bike out of the basement but I feel that the time is nigh. Your Sunday sounds delightful by the way. Well, not the crack of dawn part. ;)

    @Diane Fit to the Finish,

    You're right. Waiting for perfection will stall you on many tasks. I like your *jump in* technique.