Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make It Funky And Have Fun

I am not a dancer. Or, should I say that I don’t dance outside of my house? When I’m cleaning and listening to music, I’ve been known to bust a move but that’s about the extent of my forays onto the dance floor.

I’m not quite as bad as Seinfeld’s Elaine but…

I recently exercised to 10 Minute Solution: Dance Your Body Thin!.

  • Smooth & Sexy Moves

  • Dance Toner

  • Get Fit Club Mix

  • Cardio Dance Party

  • Ballet Sculpt
  • Andrea Leigh Rogers encourages you to get funky with your moves and have fun and I did have fun.

    I should backtrack a bit.

    When I am delving into a new experience, I need to know what I’m getting into and I like to research the topic extensively. One of my friends loves (maybe too strong of a word) to go on vacation with me because she knows that I will have looked into the what to see and what to do aspect of it all.

    I like thorough yet simple explanations. I loved it in Philadelphia when Denzel Washington’s character says to Tom Hank’s character: Now, explain it to me like I’m a four-year-old.

    I tried Smooth and Sexy Moves first. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the choreography and I felt as if I had a good workout. In fact, I found Smooth and Sexy Moves taxing but not as taxing as Ballet Sculpt. I felt like I got worked over by Ballet Sculpt which absolutely killed my arms. Not bad for 10 minutes of moving. And therein lies the beauty of the 10 Minute Solution series. You can do the whole DVD or supplement another workout. Also, I liked the two pound weight belt that Dance Your Body Thin! comes with. While two pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, you can certainly feel it when you’re dipping your hips.

    There’s one segment in Get Fit Club Mix where you raise the roof, take it down, march it in and make a circle while waving. I really enjoyed the circle move and the Broadway kicks which are on the dramatic side too.

    I think I might have an inner diva trying to get out...

    Disclosure: I received this video without charge but, like Shirley Chisholm, I’m unbought and unbossed.


    1. oooo sounds fun! I love dancing in my house. Much like Elaine :)

    2. I am pretty sure that my nearly 47 year old body now moves like Elaine. When I attempt to dance these days my kids scream and run. "Mom! Knock it off!" I've threatened to do this is front of their friends if they get out of line.

      Love the image of you dancin' around. Have fun! Almost the weekend...

    3. @midlife_swimmer,

      As long as you're having fun, that's what counts. ;)


      It's nice that you have dancing in your arsenal to keep your kids in check. ;)

      I'm with you on looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy.

    4. I'm okay with freestyle dancing, or whatever you'd call it, but I am completely, totally, absolutely unable to follow steps. It's unbelievable. I think I mentioned before I'm the only person in the universe who can't do the Electric Slide. I get confused.

      So I never do well with dance exercise dvds, or step aerobics, or anything more complicated than walking.

      Perhaps I'll put that on my list of abilities I should develop.

    5. @gingersnapper,

      You crack me up but, for real, I know it's not funny when you're prepared to work out and get involved with an exercise that requires complicated choreography.

      When I set aside precious time to exercise, I wanna to do what I set out to do and not be bewildered...