Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clunker No More

Patti: ...Bring your climbing gear, you'll need it.

Me: LOL, I like it when you talk to me like that.
It was good to do a little mid-week rock climbing.

I did better today. My last two outings left me feeling like I was regressing. I was on the lookout for foot holds. As most of the books and videos point out, you can stand on your feet all day as opposed to going up a route relying mostly on your arms.

I am a quieter climber. When I first started climbing, I was quite the clunker.

Mike (Patti's hubby) tends to say Have fun storming the castle and watch out for the boiling oil. It makes me chuckle because it does feel like you're going on some wild adventure as you're about to ascend. I've been doing quite a few 5.8 routes. It's still a struggle but I'm making it to the top. This evening's tally:

5.6, Truxton or Bust
5.7, Gymnopaeda
5.8, Rainbow Bright (New Route)
5.8, JW
5.8, Face Plant (1.5 x's)
5.9, One Liner (Attempted)

It was a mixed crowd tonight. I saw a man in his late 60's and a pre-teen who is already skilled at bouldering. How cool is that?

In other news, I've been trying to drink more water. My usual consumption hovers around five eight ounce glasses. On Monday and Tuesday, I had seven glasses and, today, I managed to drink eight. Hopefully, I can continue with the water chugging.

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