Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To See A Belly Dancer

Several of my coworkers said that I looked spring-like so I took the opportunity to pose for another staged photo.

Do you see a collarbone? Do you, hunh?

That's the March Shape magazine in my hand but if you get a chance to, you should check out the April issue. Diane over at Fit To The Finish is profiled in that issue.

And, back to the workplace, yet another colleague stopped me in the hall.

Colleague: Do you like belly dancing?

Me: I've never tried it.
I'm so into exercise right now that my mind went straight to belly dancing classes. Only, she was talking about going to see a belly dancer. She then handed me a menu. Um, no thanks. I'm not going to see a belly dancer while noshing on fried falafel, baklava and onion rings but I wish the new restaurant well.

I went to Cardio and Muscle class today. Found out that Kate, the instructor, is 20 years old. No wonder she is kicking my butt. I'm almost old enough to be her very nice auntie. By the way, the oldest person in our class is 63. Cool.

I wish that I had had enough sense when I was 20 years old to be serious about exercising. What can I say? There's no experience like bought experience.

I stopped by Big Lots on a whim after exercise class and they had my beloved Wasa crackers in stock. They have not had them in ages and they are way more expensive in the grocery store.

I was like Santa Claus when I emerged and, really, I should have purchased more.


  1. 1. hey hottsie tottsie! Whoo hoo babealicious! Looking goog 'Drea! etc.

    2. Wasa: OMG the stupid Blots here has stopped selling them and we practically lived on those things. I am going to make a beeline to the closest store on my first day off and buy a similar sized bag.

    3. I did a wee bit of belly dance when I was young, and it is a great workout, but not until you can actually do some steps. Otherwise it's a lot of standing around twisting your body incorrectly. On the other hand, you are not dance-impaired like I am.

  2. I've never tried Wasa. maybe i'll need to look them up somewhere?

    belly dancing - give it a try? could be fun. bet you'd look good in those outfits too! as i told a friend who is just getting into biking - 'it's all about the look baby'. :)

  3. @gingersnapper,

    Thanks. I'm sufficiently blushing. ;)

    I would definitely try Big Lots now. The ones around here were out of Wasa for a long time. I was so happy to see them on the shelf.


    I really like the Crisp and Light Wasa crackers. They are 20 calories per cracker and have no fat.

    I also use the Wasa Fiber Crispbread in soups.

    Wasa might be an acquired taste but I definitely recommend them.

    I like that you told your friend that it's all about the look. Hey, if you look good, you'll feel good too. :)

  4. One Thing to Know about Wasa:


    be forewarned.

  5. @gingersnapper,

    Good point to mention and, yeah, the fiber is why I started buying Wasa. Bob Greene recommended them in his book, The Best Life Diet...