Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Coolness

Me: Okay. I just checked. The run (St. Patrick's) is at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and the parade is at noon...

Patti: Sunday at 10?

Me: Cool. I'll be there.

: Cool… me too
As it turns out, the decision to go climbing on Sunday instead of Saturday was a good one. Daylight Saving Time worked in our favor since there was nary a creature stirring except for the Boy Scouts who were being taught on the upper level at Upper Limits.

We had our pick of routes and no waiting for the first hour and I was ready to climb since I hadn't been in a week. Well, kind of. I really enjoy rock climbing but sometimes I think, dang, when you get out of the 5.7 zone, those routes can be arduous. What did Eleanor Roosevelt say?

You must do the thing that you think you cannot do.
I'm sure that she wasn't talking about rock climbing but...

Today's route tally:

5.6, Truxton or Bust
5.8, Bright Idea
5.7, Gymnopaeda
5.8, Face Plant
5.7, Unnamed
5.8, Rainbow Bright
5.8, JW
5.9, One Liner (Attempted)
5.6, Unnamed (Ascended and Down Climbed 3x's)

The laps on the last route made a woman out of me and I don't think that I could have ascended another route even if I had wanted to.


  1. Nice work 'Drea! Sounds like fun :)

  2. Diane,

    Thanks. It was fun -- for the most part. ;) Hitting (sometimes literally) the wall is something that I look forward to.