Tuesday, January 15, 2013


One Climber Did Not Walk Out
As I got into my harness, I looked into the mirror and I had one thought: Please God let these be circus mirrors, ugh.

How goofy, plump and odd my body looks at times. Just as quickly, I gave myself a pep talk. Okay, you might have an odd figure but you can climb and, so, I did not bury my head in the locker room, I headed out to find Mike and Patti.

After I ascended my fourth route, I noticed a climber being assisted to a crash pad. He looked semi-conscious and was not moving his left side at all. Mike seemed to think it was his clavicle. Whatever it was, he will not be climbing for a while.

Police officers and paramedics came and people continued to climb. One officer looked around at the people in the air and I wondered what he thought.

Needless to say, my thoughts go out to that climber and I hope that his recovery is quick.


  1. I NEED to find a wall in my new city.

  2. I bet there are really cool climbing gyms on The West Coast.