Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Putting My Back Into It

Want One
This week, I'm keenly aware of my back.

I feel every downward facing dog, every punch that I've thrown, every route that I've climbed, and every kettlebell clean and press that I've executed. There's no pain but a feeling of expansion.

Kettlebell practice was mostly about the upper body. I enjoyed working on the TRX and it did cross my mind that maybe I should get one -- along with a boxing bag but only if I unclutter more.

For my fellow kettlebeller, Tiffany, I have several nicknames -- Little Ms. Turkish Get-Up and Princess Tiffany (for the sparkly headbands that she wears at times). Tonight, she was Cirque du Soleil for doing a plank, arms-extended, from a medicine ball.

As for me, I had to ditch the medicine ball and modify since it's always a risky situation when I try to perch on a ball.


  1. I hurt my back trying to rush back into yoga. It put me back a few days.

  2. Sara,

    Hope that your back is better and that you're able to return to the mat soon.