Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Did The Wild Thing

10 Mins Before Class
I've been thinking about giving up a few classes until the New Year's craze settles down. Even so, I didn't consider that option for Gloria's class.

To alleviate the real estate issue, Gloria offered to teach two classes on Sunday but the gym wasn't receptive to the idea but, when I looked online last night, I was surprised to see two Gloria classes scheduled for Sunday. A note on the door said that the additional class is a seasonal adjustment which is funny because the attendance in Gloria's class is not a seasonal thing.

After I put my mat down, I headed out of the room and this newbie wanted to know if the class was starting or ending. I told her that it was starting and that she should enter immediately.

As sweat started rolling down my face after a couple of sun salutations, I thought about how peaceful Gloria's class is even though it's packed to the rafters...

Gloria mentioned that practicing yoga is a chance to recharge your Prana which I was sorely in need of as I have been feeling out of sorts and blueish for days.

We did wild thing pose and it was the perfect asana for me this morning. I found it challenging but fun and very liberating.

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