Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Space of Your Aura

Gloria's class is usually well attended but add in the January phenomenon and there are, easily, 50 yogis in the room.

We're going to make space for everyone today...somehow...Gloria said. This woman in front of me whispered to her friend -- I need to start getting here earlier. Friend -- I already learned my lesson.

Gloria joked about this couple that's always early -- I think they might even sleep here. She went on to further ease our minds by telling us that we had the space of our auras. I wanted to joke that I hope we all enjoyed our auras because that was the only real estate that we had but it's really not a joke because if you don't enjoy your aura, no one else will.

Pray That You Get to Class Early
I had an exasperated breather next to me but I just figured that she really needed to be in class or back off of poses. Really, her breaths sounded so tense and annoyed...

A couple of things that Gloria said stuck with me. Before savasana, we had our feet together and our hands over our bellies when she said It's a very relaxing, restorative pose; you just have to let it happen.

And, as we were in tree pose, Gloria said that balance poses can be very relaxing. I do like tree but I find myself gripping the mat with my toes and otherwise being frustrated in other balance postures. Looks like I need to let other things happen as well.

How about it yogis. Do you find balance poses relaxing?


  1. Does Corpse count as "balance"? Then, yes.

    1. Hilarious. If you find balance in corpse pose, go for it.

      Since I'm in a clumsy phase, corpse should probably be my go-to pose right now...