Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No Rep Left Behind

If Marisa says that we're doing a Tabata with six sets of triceps dips then we're going to do them but not because Marisa realizes that she stopped at five but because of Tiffany who will remind her.

It doesn't matter if I call Tiffany Little Miss Turkish Get-Up or I tell her that I'll see her on the parking lot afterwards, she never lets us forget a rep or circuit but, as Marisa likes to say, you're only cheating yourself when you don't push...

Tiffany tells me I'm a scientist and a Type A Personality... Ugh, she can't help herself. I ask Tiffany how often she works out. She tells me five days a week then I wouldn't be able to make it through work if I didn't. I assured Tiffany that she was not the only one who wouldn't be able to make it.

At one point, we get up after doing some situation on the floor and Marisa wants us to do jumping jacks but I cannot get the signal from my brain to my legs and arms so I take a break...Marisa definitely came prepared with one of her wreck you routines...

My massage therapist gave me Epsom salt the last time that I saw her. Go ahead and use the whole thing...and it will be fragrant because it has essential oils in it, she said.

Post-Kettlebell Rx
As I read in the bath, I thought about Hazira who thinks about the financial situation of friends in the former Yugoslavia. Hazira asked me how much my ings (climbing, swimming etc.) cost per month and how much for massage. I know it's a luxury but not...

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