Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There's Something...About Marisa

Waiting to Be Unfurled
For someone who has an excellent sense of decorum, there's something impertinent about the way that Marisa works you out. She told us to grab two kettlebells which we temporarily set aside during the warm-up.

After the warm-up, it was time to completely set the body on fire with double kettlebell squats and lunges. I struggled during that first circuit and my efforts didn't improve during knees-to-feet -- also doubled; gravity called my name and pulled me to the floor and I barely mustered the energy to get off my knees three times let alone 10. At some point, I put down the kettlebells and just did knees-to-feet.

Marisa wanted undulation ropes for Christmas and I think she chose the Federal Express option for shipping. Although the ropes weren't easy, it was nice to do something different. At one point, Marisa's son came into the room and he was totally fascinated by the ropes or, possibly, all of the commotion that I made as I tried to keep them going for a minute and thirty seconds at the end of class.

P.S. I totally swung a 16 kg (35 lb) kettlebell around for a while...

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